Jessica Trinh is a 21 year old photographer located in Orange County, CA. Her vision is to expand and explore the concept of pet photography and give it a greater and deeper dimension. She currently has two dogs: Kodi (Golden Retriever) and Daisy (Australian Shepherd mix). Each of her dogs inspire her to create images that either provoke an emotion or adventure to the blissful essence of a dog. However, it was her first dog that started it all. Chuppy, a golden retriever, was the dog that influenced Trinh's style and creativity. Most of her previous images are of Chuppy; but with a deep sadness, Chuppy passed away on the first of March, 2014 at the age of seven due to an autoimmune disease. Photography has made Chuppy live through the images and because of that, photography has taken a whole new meaning for the young photographer.